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Day 8: Favourite character played

BigTiaxI’ve played an uncounted number of bit-players over the years. Most had very few dimensions and I do not remember much, if anything, about them.

However, Metro, the gnome thief was a little more memorable. A drinker and a smoker and as much as was possible a womaniser (much like Terry Pratchett’s dwarf gigolo by the name of Cassanunder).

Metro Gnome liked to play practical jokes and enjoyed cooking. He was the basis for the article I wrote for Mongoose Games’ Signs & Portents magazine, Cooking for Mayhem and Profit (#2). In it I described landmine pot roasts and a new form of martial arts called Doren Caudron Sai – the Way of the Iron Pot. I had a lot of fun writing it, and to this day remain bemused that people had to ask if I was being serious.

This is what the press release said about the story. Ultimate Gameplay: Cooking for Mayhem and Profit – an oddball this article but one likely to gain use next time your party is attacked around the campfire. A selection of new ideas for using cooking pots and culinary skills in battle. I kid you not.