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Day 9: Favourite character not played.
Emerald_MagistrateWhat the heck does that mean? Technically and simplistically the character that I would most enjoy that I have not played yet is not known to me: it is a future event. And boy, am I looking forward to that game.They say that you run the campaign that you would most like to play. You add the clues and details that appeal to you. As a consequence you can become disappointed that your players do not pick up on the clues, do not take the bait, and fail to capitalise on the opportunities. It creates a different story with the players there, of course, and one that can and should be mutally rewarding for everyone because it is emergent – no one could have predicted it by themselves.

However, the character that I would have liked to have played was a magistrate in the Asian inspired detective setting. He would be tough, but fair: abhorring unnecessary violence but squarely behind necessary violence. He would be a defender of the weak, unafraid of bringing to justice anyone, no matter how high.

A kind of medieval Chinese Judge Dredd.