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Day 10: Craziest thing that’s happened…

RQIt is about now, 10 days too late, that I recognise this list was devised by a kid. Too late, she cried, let’s forge on rewardless.

I remember a time, and it was not even AD&D we were playing but Runequest, when one of my fellow players (a rare time I was not DMing) who was a member of a specific barbarian cult, blasphemed. In game terms, that is. He took the name of his chosen deity in vain, and generally dissed that divine entity.

The GM (can’t DM in a non-D&D game) seized control of play and described a scene where a dust mote whirled and from the dust a dagger formed. The dagger plunged down the unfortunate character’s throat, churned around for a while, and then eventually allowed itself to be gagged and coughed out.

When the scene of horror and revulsion ended, the player described spitting, and then declaring that he’d had enough of ‘deity’, and was going to change his religion.

I remember being gobsmacked by the audacity, though at the time I put it down to plain stupidity. Surely there could be no more concrete proof of the existence of the supernatural and the presence of the divine, and his reaction was to reject it because it punished him? Astounding!

It is analogous to to the situation, if played out today, where a literal and physical hand of God were to appear from the sky and swat some social blot. Cameras record it, and the survivors of that city say, “Well, fuck God then if that’s his attitude.”

This was an example of where the role-playing game informed me much about my fellow man. Poor dumb arsehole that he is.