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Day 11: Favourite adventure that I ran

inside_the_hidden_shrineI tend to remember individual scenes rather than complete adventures. And there are many memorable moments. Like the time Glen was in a pit fighting for his life against an encroaching ooze, or when Greg and party found themselves lost in a swamp and seriously facing the prospect of dying of malaria – and other unglamorous ailments.

But if I had to name one satisfying whole adventure, it would have to be running Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan for Craig. I think this was the first fully artistically realised environment I had worked with. Lots of weather and sounds and smells and textures I had introduced. It was an immersive setting.

To be honest I have no recollection of what happened in the guts of the story. There were, contrary to my first para, no memorable dramatic in-game moments. But I do remember the moment when I was describing a particular object, a mask, I think, and Craig interjected with, “Where did you learn about stucco?” His astonishment that I, a retard, could know something culturally nuanced was priceless, and his engagement with the scene was visibly increased.

That was a great moment for me as I knew then that I had truly created a credible alternate reality for someone else. A reality of unexpected dimensions.

Now that I think about it I probably had him slaughtered like a hog shortly there-after. And serves him right. Smug bastard.