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Day 25: Favourite magical item

roman-cestusLong ago, long before Assassin’s Creed, Craig and I devised, sought after and ultimately each failed to secure in each other’s game worlds The Electronux of Alastair.

Basically it was a powered Cestus. Just the one, for one hand. I mentally designed mine to have a number of tuning parameters such as the approximate gravity, so you could make it heavier or lighter. And the size of the energy – probably in a simple electric shock – that is delivered with each blow.

It became, for a while, the focus of adventures to recover this mystical artefact of the famous deceased hero Alastair. I’m pretty sure that we both denied each other the satisfaction of ever touching it.

One story sticks in my mind, and I’m pretty sure I wrote a short story about it but I’m buggered if I can remember where that piece of writing has gone. In this story I found the underground tomb and advanced along its musty deserted corridors finding nothing alive. As I advanced further I came across increasing numbers of dead orange beetles, and the dessicated corpses of other adventurers. Eventually I found the innermost chamber, by this time wading through snowdrifts of dead insects. Just as I reached for the glove I felt a splash of liquid on my neck, and collapsed into a coma. And died.

The end.

The beetle was a Zarn, from Gamma World, my most feared monster ever. Not because it was large, or fearsome, or mind-alteringly evil. Quite the opposite. It was a humble creature that paralysed its prey to lay eggs that then ate the prey alive. And that’s just plausible enough to be terrifying, you know? After all, that is exactly what wasps do in real life.

But the Electronux remains, as a result of this and many other similar failed attempts to secure one, my favourite magical artefact. Probably for that reason: its unobtainability elevated it to mystical proportions far beyond any real value.