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Day 26 – rolls most often on the d20

Apollo 14Despite being pretty superstitious in general, I have no fear of dice at all. Never have.

Command them, I say, and they will do what you want. Be afraid of them, and they will punish you.

You can see this when you are around the table playing. Some people shake and shake the dice in their hands, terrified to let it go, and then fling it out, more often than not hurling on to the floor. And so they have to roll again. I witnessed this process repeated four times, once. By the end we nearly grabbed the dice out of his hand. Naturally, he failed the task, merely reinforcing his self-inflicted phobia that, ‘the dice hate me.’

Not me. Chuck it down, baby, making sure it stays in the defined playing area. Do your worst!

Having said that, when I first read this the number that sprang to mind was 14. Why? Not sure. It does not seem to be a particularly auspicious number. If I were to consciously select something I’d choose 9 (3 x 3).