It’s arrive!


OMG! I’m the happiest boy in Christendom.

Ten packets of miniatures comprising monsters, Nazi zombies and Allied investigators; six branded dice; three hardcover books – a combined set and then the Investigators and Keepers guides as separate books; a GM’s screen; three gigantic posters that have an appointment with the laminator before I photograph them; and best of all the Achtung! Cthulhu bag (which I have pranced around the house modelling all morning).

The miniatures are all multi-part and are clean and crisp models. I’m no expert, but I’d pick they were digitally designed, rapid prototyped and then sent for traditional casting.

The books are clear and easy to read. Great type font with very suitable borders and colour choices. Without yet having combed the contents, I would confidently recommend purchasing this off the shelf as a lovely edition to own. As a Savage Worlds fan, I would buy this in a flash (if I did not already have it now).

The bag is everything I wanted. As my wife observed, “You’ll be the envy of all the other geeks with that.” Oh yeah.

Chris’ contact throughout the Kickstarter effort was consistent and friendly. I have no idea of the inevitable problems he must have encountered along the way, but as a consumer I witnessed only competence and fulfilment. As a Kickstarter this has been a spectacularly successful effort, £177,557 raised for an initial £8,000 ask (Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter) and the credit has to go to Chris for his clear set of promises, excellent production values, and commitment to actually meet all of those expectations.


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