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Our dog lost her collar in the undergrowth, again, so we found ourselves at the pet store.

This is the latest acquisition that came from that exercise (apart from a very pretty new collar).

This piece weighed in at around $24 and is nicely scaled for 28mm figures.

Even though it has absolutely no purpose for my core pike & shot period, I can see it getting a run if I play some Solomon Kane games for Savage Worlds, specifically if we head him into Africa. This would be entirely true to the original, of course, and having written it I am starting to like the idea.

As a model it is nicely moulded and painted with good sized openings front and back. A 28mm model could stand comfortably in the opening. The top is flat and just right for setting up a gattling gun (oops, wrong period). A fanatic modeller would add some more paint in highlighting, some more flock and develop the foliage a little more. However, it is unlikely that I will spend that time as it is perfectly serviceable as it is.

This is not the first time that I have discovered aquarium decorations for wargaming. It is a rich source.