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IMAG0236 IMAG0238 IMAG0240 IMAG0241 IMAG0242In 1622, the Catholic League Commander, Tilly, was intent on crushing the remnants of the rebellious Protestant army that had plunged the Holy Roman Empire into civil war. The disastrous defeat of the rebels at White Mountain in 1618 should have ended the matter, but the survivors, bolstered in numbers and led by the mercenary commander, Mansfield, continued to maraud and gather their strength. In a contest of manoeuvre and skirmish attrition, Tilly worked to block Mansfield’s lines of advance and bring him to battle where he could be destroyed.

This scenario occurs on the periphery of the main armies where an isolated Protestant company has taken refuge for a short while as it attempts to link up with the main force near Mingolsheim. The Protestants were of lesser quality than their opponents and were largely unprepared. In command of the Catholic forces was Captain Eisenburg, a cool customer, and in command of the Protestant rebels: Captain Klein who had an inferiority complex. Andrew won the toss and played the attacking Catholics and I played the more numerous but weaker Protestants.

The Protestant gun was limbered and on the road in the middle of the board at the start of the game. Mounted arquebusiers patrolled outside of the village, but everyone else was clustered along the road. The Catholics entered from the West and advanced smartly toward the village seizing a commanding ridge with infantry, and then dominating the road with cavalry.

I managed to form up and deliver fire into his advancing infantry, causing a few casualties and generally slowing him up. But on the North flank Andrew used the caracole power of the kuirassiers to cause first a few, then many casualties. The flighty group broke and ran, taking another unit with it, leaving the victorious cavalry free to pull the wheel s of the undefended cannon.

I still had a good amount of troops in t he field and had planned an encircling move with the mounted arquebusiers, but again those pesky Catholic kuirassiers charged down the main road, catching and killing my C in C, Klein. My army fled giving total victory to Andrew’s Catholics.