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IMAG0324To me, a near future science fiction setting is about using modern technology ideas but avoiding the uncomfortable political and real-world implications.

Here are a couple of fire teams and their leaders arrayed with their vehicles.

The men are Eureka Bundeswehr organised into 4 man fire teams with separate leaders (the Savage Worlds basic interpretation) alongside a couple of 1:43 scale Atlas vehicles: the Fuchs and Centauro. Two of my very favourite vehicles for as long as I can remember. Their general shape I feel is going to be representative for many decades to come.

1:43 is a long way from notional 1:56 that people claim is 28mm scale, but the reality is that traditional (hand sculpted) 28mm figures are not realistically proportioned. They have childishly large heads and hands. Add to that the common (and my preference) practice of mounting figures on pedestals and the relationship between the height of a model and a vehicle seems more realistic. By other measures vehicles look far too large, but then I feel that armoured vehicles in particular should be imposing. Especially for a skirmish game. A vehicle in a skirmish game is not one of dozens in a tank park. It is the single biggest threat. Imposing is good and appropriate.

These men, I have decided, are part of a UNASUL (Brazilian) force tasked with suppressing Cartel activity.