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IMAG0327 IMAG0328 IMAG0329ZOE_0001 ZOE_0003 ZOE_0004Now that we are settled in to the new house, it seemed time to start having friends over and playing a game. Last night I tried out the new game mat from PWork and had a Savage Worlds game with Andrew. Since we spent the first couple of hours shooting the breeze before we even started playing the scenario and forces were fairly simple.

Middle Europe, late in the war. A group of Germans were returning from patrol to their base of operations, a cottage near the Ardennes. Three squads supported by an LMG carried in a kubelwagen were led by Sergeant Horst Wessel. Unbeknownst to them a group of GI’s had found their base and had set up an ambush for them. They were led by Sergeant Matt Black (along with Larry, Mikey, Kowalski and so on…).

We were using Savage Worlds, with weapon detail taken from Weird War II, though there were no weird elements in this game.

Andrew played true to the scenario, advancing straight up the track in a bunched manner as if suspecting nothing. I had a squad in the attic of the house in overwatch, and another in a knot of trees to the left. My third squad was in the right most clump of trees, these these boys opened up first, causing a couple of casualties. Andrew responded by picking up pace and spearheading towards the house. My team in the attic opened up and rattled him some more, but deadly accurate fire from the Panzer Grenadiers silenced my guys in the building.

Pushing forward, Wessel and survivors reached the house, but by this time my first squad had opened up, silencing his LMG and the third squad had punched around to outflank them. The GI’s had them in a crossfire, and as a true professional, Horst Wessel surrendered on behalf of the few remaining active soldiers.

Full game time would have been an hour and a half, comparatively long for such a simple setup using Savage Worlds. But the system was new to Andrew so there was a learning curve, but quite a gentle one. Coming from a more serious historical gaming background (Napoleonics… shudder), it took Andrew a little while to grasp that this was a cinematic system with very broad conventions. Once this thought came to a landing though I think he handled it well – but perhaps I’d better let him make his own comments.

As a parting thought, the older idea of running a mini campaign using this system based on Operation Barbarossa came up again. I’ll stat up some detailed characteristics and scenarios and see where we can take it.