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stocktakeAt the start of the year I outlined some goals. Let’s see how they have progressed or changed.

  1. Complete Scarlet Pimpernel for Ganesha Games.  Done. Waiting for Andrea at Ganesha to finish the typsettting and publish. Though he has been quiet on this one, so I’m picking it is not high on his priority list.
  2. Complete Forged in Blood, the big skirmish Renaissance set for Ganesha. Done. As above, though I have more confidence that this one has some priority.
  3. Run a play by email Diplomacy session. Dead. Early pull out before we even started, and only a couple of the rest of the players seemed interesting in corresponding. Maybe next year.
  4. Run a role playing game set on the equivalent of Skull Island, in a pulp setting. Kind of, except that the method has changed. In a recent Kickstarter effort a great application called Storium was built. This beauty allows asynchronous (because my friends are all over the place so getting together to play is hard) and is rules independent. It is a Story Telling framework, rather than a roleplaying vehicle. And that’s great. That’s the way I like to play. We are underway now and it seems to be flowing.
  5. Work on my near future hard science fiction setting. Looking good. I am chipping away at this having settled on the Savage Worlds engine as the core and having nailed down the sources and main feel of the piece.
  6. Play some serious boardgames. No. And instead, since we recently moved house, I took the opportunity to get rid of a major part of my collection. Now there are fewer that demand to be played, but I’d still like a play a few. Like Friedrich.
  7. Continue my Monster Alphabet, update the Flashing Steel blog concerning Scarlet Pimpernel and Forged in Blood progress. Monster Alphabet! Gotta do one of those this week. Blog updating in general has been hit and miss.
  8. New! Start and play the Generation Kill – Barbarossa wargame campaign. I did not have a lot of hope that this would get up this year, but I have managed to play a couple of games and I think there is a fair chance that I may get to run through the planned six episodes. I also consider it part of the Science Fiction game development as I can experiment with the rules in a combined arms setting. To recap: GenKill-Barbarossa takes the premise described in the original Generation Kill of a small group of professionals in an army on the advance. The difference is it is set in the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union by the Nazis, and the protagonists are Waffen SS. No disrespect to anyone here: it just seemed a good fit of professionals in a vehicle (Hanomag vs HummVee) tear-arsing deep into enemy territory.

In conclusion, I feel that the half year results are looking pretty good. These are more achievements than failures, and I have kept pretty close to the main direction of travel. Items 3 and 6 can drop off the list.