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P1050920 P1050922 P1050923 P1050924 P1050925 P1050926 P1050927 P1050928 P1050929 P1050930 P1050931While making a list of priorities for work for the coming period I scanned my shelf and was reminded of a solo game that I started to play but that has been idle for a while. Pulling it out and flipping through the pages brought back a few memories and has rekindled my interest in continuing. The solo game, using the old AD&D module In Search of the Unknown and one of the rebooted retro D&D clones foundered, I think, because I was only two rooms into the dungeon and the characters were pretty much cactus already. But as I recently said to Alan, just because it is pointless and bound for failure, not keeping on fighting is just defeatism.

Here are some shots of the pages. Yes. Handwritten. I’m old fashioned like that.

I am now wondering whether to port the characters over to Savage Worlds or, better, use an entirely narrative approach for any combat. For a start it will speed up the tedious combat sequences. Conversion of the rigid stats into something more usable may prove tricky but then, who’s to tell me I’m doing it wrong?