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The Pantheon by CNC Workshop has some lovely shapes that suggest to me an ancient Persian city lost to the shifting winds. The arches are elegant – though the whole is abstracted and suggestive rather than specific, and this suits me fine as Arabian Nights is a fantasy, after all.

Here are the build phases.

  1. Assemble the MDF parts. this was extremely simple. No fiddly bits of the sort that 4Ground offer (not a criticism of 4Ground: their stuff is great. But it is also fiddlier).
  2. After sealing the wood with a dilute mixture of Agnew’s water putty that was just thick enough to leave somthumb_P1060056_1024thumb_P1060059_1024 thumb_P1060060_1024 thumb_P1060061_1024 thumb_P1060064_1024e texture from a rough brush I sprayed painted the whole thing with a dark grey. this was just a cheap generic.
  3. When dry, I sprayed a mid grey gently over the whole thing.
  4. Then using a bit of cardboard held at arm’s length to make a mask I sprayed light grey just on the top third of the buildings.
  5. The bottom third of the buildings then received a wash of earth brown. This gave the building a graded colour from top to bottom and also created a dirty and worn appearance around the bases.
  6. With white I ran around all the sharp edges, not being too careful to give the impression of cracks and defects as well as bringing forward the edges.
  7. After sealing the building with matt varnish I then created a wash using powdered yellow and white pastels and acrylic thinners. This was liberally applied to give the impression os desert dust blowing all over everything. These colours match my main baseboard and rocky outcrop terrain.
  8. Finally, I created some sand drifts with putty and gave them the same painting treatment. Then I added a few tufts of desert grass to hint at a few hardy plants.

And that’s it. It is still pretty clean looking: no rubble and junk and buried in sand. But then, it is supposed to be a playing piece where the models can be climbing all over it so I did not want to impair their ability to balance.