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Sfz2FFrostgrave’s soldiers chart is very elegant in it’s simplicity. It covers the main ideas of armour and weapons for its chosen period. Since I am interpreting this in an Arabian Nights kind of setting, with the armour and weapons sensibilities of the First Crusade, I need to interpret the chart without adding to it (because I don’t want to complicate things).

Here’s what I think:

  • No amour: no form of protection (thief, thug, barbarian, apothecary)
  • Protected: one layer of some kind of armour, for example leather or a shield (archer, crossbowman, infantry, tracker, treasure hunter, ranger)
  • Armoured: one layer of heavier armour such as scale or mail, or two layers of armour such as leather and a shield (man at arms, templar, marksman) – the image to the left would be a Man at Arms under this classification.
  • Heavy armoured: two layers or armour such as scale or mail with the addition of a shield (knight).

With this rule of thumb i can now build the soldiers still maintaining the base rules as they are written, but with a clear categorisation system rather than a strict description.