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2351283084262_osprey_men-at-arms_459-1arab boxThe lost city that the selfish wizard uses people for in order to get the ancient treasures could be anywhere. In the canon Frostgrave it is in a Renaissance European fantasy setting, but I’m choosing to set mine in an Arabian Nights ‘Dark Age’ setting. Therefore I’m choosing to view the technology and fashions as being roughly comparable to the First Crusade.

The Gripping Beast Arab Spearmen will work well for most of the troops. Using these parts and others from the Wargames Factory Persians I should be able to cover most of the basic troop types. Check out this painted sample that I found on the interweb. Doesn’t that look grand?

For the heavier armed troops I’ve decided to go with the Byzantine look, which is contemporary to the Saracens. Forget that they would never be on the same side because this is a fantasy story, not a historical game. Check out these Varangian Guard. Ain’t they sweet? I think so.

And with some of the Little Big Man Studios shield transfers they are going to look great. I wish I could paint shields as well as that, but my eyes would not be up to it.