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IMAG0329IMAG0330 IMAG0331 IMAG0332The basic needs of this Arabian Nights war-game are now made:

  • A good 4′ x 4′ baseboard in desert yellow washed with ochre
  • Rocky outcrops made from pine bark and then based with the same colours as the baseboard. The bark was sawn lengthways to get an uplifted spine effect, then painted in layers of greys, washed with earth browns and then highlighted with white. Finally a few desert bushes were added here and there
  • Objective markers of dry wells that I made
  • Fallen and half buried pillars and blocks. These were old wooden blocks that the kids had abandoned – them being big teenagers that don’t need baby toys any more. I sawed these at an angle and took a rasp to them to make a few chips and imperfections. Painting was by taking thick poster paint in black and white and, without mixing them together, loading up a large brush and dabbing them on the blocks to leave a raised texture and create a mottled marble/onyx-granite effect. I then washed them with ochre again to accentuate the marbling. Then I set them in a base with Agnews water putty and gave that base the same treatment as the other pieces
  • The completed Pantheon from CNC Workshop that I described in an earlier post to give the adventurers some ruins to explore and beasties to hide in.

There are lot more terrain elements to be added to this. A war-game terrain set is never really complete. But these elements are the basics. These, along with the hills I’ve had for ages, give me plenty to go on with. A game could be played on this terrain today.

Now to work on the miniatures…