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castleravenloftMythic Ravenloft is a story telling game that I started in 2009. It was based on the AD&D module Castle Ravenloft and used the mechanisms of Mythic Games Master Emulator to allow me to create a GMless story. My story is in a roughly historical context set in the year 1620 during the cataclysmic 80 Years War. The protagonists are a group of Spanish harquebusiers that have left their own lines around Breda to forage for food.

It is a time of devastation and cruelty; a time that gave rise to apocalyptic visions. The protagonists are not good men, and they are drawn to the Realm of Shadow (or whatever) as some kind of punishment, penance, or test. I don’t know yet: that’s the point of the story.

Many years have passed since I last wrote for this story and there are many reasons for that. Partly it has been the lure of other periods and topics, partly it has been because of weariness with the darkly romantic late Renaissance. But lately my thoughts have returned to that period, and my minds-eye again looks across the valley of Barovia and up the impossible mountain to view Castle Ravenloft. And I wonder: what became of the soldiers of Spain exiled there? What have they been doing all this time? Certainly they have not solved anything and found peace – because I would know if they had. They are still there. Mired and trapped like flies in honey, docile and drugged like the cattle-people of the village.

Now it is time to wake.

Here are the preceding story elements in order:


Character development

Setting development

Rules development

Tools for the rules

Scene one

Scene two

Thoughts on the ecology of zombies

Scene three point one

Scene three point two

Scene four

Scene five

Scene six

Scene seven