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The first figures for my Frostgrave/Sandtomb game. First up we have a small, medium and large construct: Copper Automatons. They are Eureka golem, and two Reaper.

Next are some wizards and apprentices. A couple are D&D pre-painted plastics that I’ve based – waste not, want not. Then a couple of I-don’t-know-where-they-came-from miniatures that have been in my spare parts box for years. And finally a Reaper figure that is apparently some kind of alien, but what if it? Now he’s a wizard.

Then we have a couple of Barbarians. Another of the ‘who knows where they came from’ category. But they certainly come somewhere not cold.

Next we have a Great Ghul (or an ogre if you’d prefer) from Eureka. My favourite.

And finally we have Templars, Men-at-Arms, and Knights. All Eureka. These were from the Dark Ages range and I cannot remember specifically who. I bought them for a Hârn skirmish war-game we had planned but never ran. The shields are from Little Big Men Studios and are Varangian Guard – just because I like them.

Basing is, of course, continuing the theme that my lost city is in the desert, not in the frozen north.

I started with these guys rather than the Gripping Beast plastic Arabs simply because these bad boys had been waiting for love for a very long time. It felt good to do some painting after so long, and great to be on a new project.

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