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These Mantic zombies have sat in the ‘to do’ pile for too many years. Unfortunately I have had little idea how to approach them since there are, by definition, no real life examples to work from.

After trolling the interweb I came up with this scheme, for which this guy is the test:

  • white undercoat
  • all over with Vallejo Dead Flesh 
  • rips, rends, exposed guts, eye sockets and open mouths with Ral Partha Violet (link)
  • then a very thin wash of a mixture of GW Warlock Purple and GW Dark Flesh (link)

I’m not completely happy with it, mostly because of the usual pooling of paint in the wash since I thinned it with water. For the next batch I will use actual thinners. Also, I’m not quite sure that he looks sickly enough. On the other hand it does do exactly what I intended, so I have to call the trial successful…

IMAG0393 IMAG0394