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The printer, or as I like to call her, Sammy the Fabricator, continues to operate like a traditional Jaguar. It needs to be tuned after every outing and even then may stop for no adequately explained reason. This time I got three quarters of the way through this interesting Aztec inspired piece before the filament quit feeding, leaving him with an open head – brains exposed.

Since the rest was still pretty good I imagined a statue that had been exposed from a tall rock, leaving some of the original rock still in place.

The top is a piece of pine bark, sanded and roughly shaped to conform to the existing top of the figure. Then I used some thick paint to thematically bind the two elements together, and finished it in greys, dry brush whites and scraped dry pastels to give a dusty look.

My only complaint with the result is my mix of the desert dust, which is far too orange. But overall I think this is a playable piece, and can sit alongside the other ruins I’ve been constructing.

On guard are two Cayman Warriors from Eureka.