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IMG_0025These little beauties have been sitting waiting to be painted for a few years now. They are Eureka, from the Aztec range, but have apparently not been particularly well received because there are no historical precedent for them.

That makes them fantasy.

And that’s OK by me. Better, even than real life.

My paint scheme was simple. A bright green for the skinned croc, pink inside mouth, eyes, flesh for the man, and then a variety pop colours on sashes and feathers just to personalise them. Then they were gently treated with Wattle Stain & Varnish to give them shading.

These had been based a few years ago and were in the then fashion of sand and then flock instead of my newer technique informed by Alan that textures the base. Not that it really matters. I think they come out well enough.

The Cayman warriors represent the enemies that an adventuring party might find when searching for a lost city in a jungle, probably to the deep South…