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For some unaccountable reason I feel like cataloguing the library that I have acquired (and kept – more have disappeared over the years) that helped me shape my Thirty Years War fascination. With these books I’ve created many scenarios, published one ruleset (Flashing Steel) with another in the works, had a novel published (The Vanilla Assassin), and written realms both here and elsewhere.

The fascination with the darkly romantic late Renaissance started when I went to a war-game convention in Christchurch when I must have been not much older than 14. There I saw lots of figures, probably mostly Napoleonics and Ancients. This was inspiring. But what caught my eye was George Gush’s orange book on Renaissance Armies. No one had figures for that period – it was completely unrepresented in my district at that time. It captured my imagination and held it for over 30 years…

Now, pike and shot is pretty mainstream. They even have magazine articles talking about it. The rules today are sophisticated. There are plastic mass produced kits and the metals are magnificent.

I think now this project might be done, if only because I haven’t found anything new in quite some time. Any book I found seems to cover much the same ground. I don’t seem to be learning anything new.