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Iklwa warriors

The Aqhran Caliphate is not North Africa, just as Rezana is not Rome.


Across a southern continent that borders a middle sea, there is a monotheistic caliphate centred around the capitol of Qadisa. And below that there are is a mighty desert that can be compared to the Sahara, in which can be found tribes of fierce and proud marauders. And below that there is a broad fertile veldt suitable for raising cattle that I choose to call Iklwa that is home to a people that might just be a bit similar to Zulu.

And  below that is a dense and ferocious equatorial jungle in which can be found a race of people that make stepped pyramids and worship complex and confounding deities, and demand blood sacrifices. These guys don’t have a name yet.

And below that the world gives way to a complex of islands filled with peoples based on Polynesian archetypes. The Southern hemisphere is one of water, and the beasts of the sea inform the philosophy and culture of the people.