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The lad has been at home after having had all four wisdom teeth out. This has me on nurse duty but that is not a full time job. All I have to do is check him regularly and make sure he’s drugged up, eating (custard and yoghurt) and keeping warm and rested.

To fill in the rest of the time I decided to do a story telling game using the Typhoon Maiden background. The story bit can be found in the link. After a while I got to the part that I couldn’t be bothered narrating and so decided to go for a solo war-game.

This was an ad-hoc thing and nothing that I had been building scenery or collecting miniatures for. I used some Star Wars plastics and paper maps, supplemented with a few pieces of 3D terrain to lift it a bit. I’m using the FiveCore and Five Parsecs from Home rules, and I used some simple randomisers to control the antagonist force.

The heroes, if they can be called that, were Phesigns, a junior gangster trying to make a mark for himself; Pårole, a soldier without his regiment; Locum, a street kid just trying to get ahead; Lantedo, a hacker; and Gnosticos, an ex-military robot that just happened to be sitting on a shuttle that the team could use because things are so confused aboard the Typhoon Maiden that no one had asked her what she was doing.

The mission was to interrogate the security system of a seedy bar in a once prosperous city Phoenix Park on Cadiz. Read more about this in the story section. Suffice to say the table action started as the heroes arrived in the general location to find that a government security team were already there doing exactly the same thing.

In brief:

  1. There were multiple potential terminals that could be used, but only one still had a connection to the old data. Both sides had to search. The Security guys were already there and each turn I rolled to see if they had found the right terminal. This was represented by the little red blocks that showed negative (not the right terminal).
  2. Phesigns and Gnosticos boldly walked straight up the corridor ignoring the first two possible terminals, probably indicating that Phesigns knew more than he was telling the others. They got all the way to the main security door and successfully opened it. Unfortunately this set off an alarm.
  3. The Security forces got a ‘Scurry’ result on their activation and charged towards the breach. Pårole snapped off a shot and downed one of them. On his recovery roll this poor defender of the people bled out and died.
  4. Firing from the doorway, Phesigns made another of the Security officers retreat. But as he was doing this the back door was over-ridden and another guard burst in demanding their surrender.
  5. Then it all went to shit, really. The guard still covering the main door caught sight of Pårole and calmly plugged him. Locum administered first aid with his high-tech stabiliser, but it was all over for probably the most capable of the crew. Lantedo made a dash for the main door but was gunned down before he could make it: again a snap fire with a perfect ‘out-of-action’ result. Meanwhile, Gnosticos decided to go hand to hand with the Security guard who’d arrived via the back door. Her weakened arm must have been the deciding factor and she was decisively smashed.
  6. It seemed pretty clear to me that Phesigns would have dropped his pistol and started blubbering at this point, and Locum was too busy attending to Pårole to have noticed the handcuffs going on.

And so ends the first story set on the Typhoon Maiden. The survivors, Phesigns, Locum and Pårole (should he survive in a third world hospital), are under arrest by Decados heavies and as aliens that have broken and entered, and then killed an official, it seems unlikely they’ll be seeing daylight again for a very long time.

From a story point of view we know that the conference that was to have occurred with the Vau so long ago was an embarrassment for House Decados and that there are secrets still hidden. Whatever was in that security system is now in the hands of House Decados and not the people that hired the team of amateurs from the Typhoon Maiden.

The Typhoon Maiden itself, that monstrous city, will move through a gate to a different planet for the next story, and a new team will be generated.