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Bab5_Jump-Gate_openingWhen I started this story I randomly generated a name. That was, ‘The Mascot’. This still makes no sense, but it is worth keeping in mind as the final episode of the campaign should specifically tie up that loose end.

These are the other loose ends and thoughts about this episode:

1) Jump/Gate tech. The Typhoon Maiden (TyMa) arrived in Imperial Space using it’s own warp engines. These are now useless because the mutant Navigator is dead. However, they have been modified to work with the JumpWeb gates using the Keys supplied by the Charioteer’s Guild. Given that few of the remaining mutant Astrogators understood the working principles of the warp drive, and the Engineering staff are concerned with keeping things running rather than understanding, it seems likely that the TyMa is completely at the mercy of the Charioteer’s Guild. Their monopoly is not challenged by the TyMa. Therefore, port authorities in each system will deal with the TyMa in exactly the same way as they would any other ship arriving and leaving by exactly the same mechanism: the gates.

2) The Astrogators have turned their complete attention to listening to the warp to reestablish contact with their immortal god/demon in the Imperium. This will have interesting consequences as they traverse the gates and suffer/enjoy the Sathraic Mysteries. What are the implications for the activities of the Religious Police (RePo)?

3) The TyMa stayed in Cadiz space for over a year, repairing itself, reconfiguring its engines and trading. It then powered out system for a couple of months to the gate. There will be a lot of new (alien) technology and goods aboard. It is likely that there are many new people on board, and many may have stayed on Cadiz.

4) Of the characters, Lantedo would not be missed; Locum was registered but such a small fish it would be assumed he came to a bad end somewhere; Pårole was at a loose end and had not been incorporated into any new military or civil structure, and it would be assumed he probably went AWOL on Cadiz; Gnosticos was a robot and so no one would care. Phesigns would be missed by his father, who would make enquiries. It would be known that he was detained by SePo but then released. It might be known or guessed that he went down to Cadiz, but that would be all that could be determined. Phesigns’ father might agitate amongst the other families (need to explore the families in more detail sometime) because he suspects foul play. The shuttle is unlikely to be missed in any case as it was only one of thousands of vehicles that come and go from the vast hangers every day. Ultimately, the disappearance of the party remains either a mystery or unnoticed as the TyMa powers out.

5) With Phesigns’ father making enquiries, SePo may open a case (as might Criminal Police KriPo). Missing citizens is nothing in itself, but all of the recently detained people simultaneously disappearing does seem more than a coincidence. We can assume that surveillance combing might uncover the initial negotiations on the park deck. These people will be subject to closer scrutiny.

6) All we know for sure is that the people that hired the party did not get any information back from the party. We know they were confronted by security forces – but whose? We do not know for sure. Whoever they were, they are now in possession of the damaging intelligence that the Vau conference and treaty was somehow sabotaged. House Decados is known for its superior intelligence network – does this mean that they somehow missed something vital and were digging it up, or were they always in possession of the information and were trying to bury it? Or was it someone else altogether, perhaps the Vau themselves? Massive open thread…

7) Finally, it will now be known that an alien ship, the TyMa, is in Imperial Space. Genetically and culturally the new comers are very similar to the indigenes. All of the Houses will be trying to work out how to use these visitors to their own advantage in dynastic struggles.