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Tomorrow’s War in 15mm is one of the projects for this year. The key setting information is that it will be in a classic Traveller framework, with the action taking place in the old Judges Guild product Crucis Margin.

All eyes are on Guerzim (1626), where the Nar faction of the Union Crucis has a major base and is on high alert for attacks from the Mandanin Confederation. And perhaps they should be, as it was the Nar that attacked first some 200 years ago and then were beaten back.

More work on the political story as I develop it. This is, typically, a project that will span story-telling games, and wargames so there is some painting and modelling to be done using parts from a variety of sources.

Here are the first two heavy vehicles in 15mm. They are grav-tanks and represent the pinnacle of what the Nar can field. Let’s say they are Tech 11 in Traveller speak. Not sure of their name yet, but they are equivalent (in TW game terms) to the Leopardo II, or the Dear Leader 2 Heavy Tank (pp. 216).

The parts for these beasts came from eBay. Since I do not read Chinese characters I do not know the company name (link). Several of these models were cut up and reassembled to make the tanks, doing away with the tracks, of course.

The paint job is a simple tan with hull red lower portions and corners, and then heavily dusted with earth colours – my planets are dusty. I few details have been picked out such as metal dings on corners and metallic blue for sensors.

The final image shows some 15mm troops for size comparison. It’s a big battle machine, but I feel this fits with the way things go. Everything gets bigger in each new generation of technology and so a grav-tank ought to be a monster.