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fumbleAfter the battle in the first level of the implausible dungeon beneath the swamp, the elvish boys had a good long rest in a barricaded room. When they re-emerged they completed the sweep and headed down, encountering and defeating troglodytes, crocodiles, giant rats, killer frogs, ghouls, and a particularly effective (though unlikely) harpy.

The standout events from this session were not the achievements of victory, but in the way they happened. There were a lot of ‘1’s’ rolled.

As more of a story-game guy rather than a rules guy I could not let this pass, and these critical failures became interesting and sometime funny events. Storm the sorcerer seemed to suffer quite a few of these. When they were fighting in a boat he rolled one on his attack, then failed a Dex check, and fell into the water. Later, when trying to shoot at a ghoul, another critical had the crossbow break – no doubt because of the moisture.

Octavius the paladin was actually charmed by the harpy, and was actually hit and took damage from a ghoul.

My favourite was when Arius the monk was attacked by a ghoul, was hit, and failed his save to become paralysed. Another critical failure later and we declared that he had lost something – his choice – but it would only be noticed later. This is straight from dungeon world and is an excellent way of inserting some story into the game. He fell, dropping his staff into the mud. It only makes sense that it could become lost or forgotten in the bid to get away.

This is something that is going to pay off later.