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qrescu1Sources supplying the Mandanin intelligence community had painted a picture of enhanced activity by the Nar of the Crucis Union on Guerzim. This planet was only one of the many kept under close observation following the Nar’s invasion and subsequent defeat. Agents placed deep in the Crucis Union, both as active information gatherers as sleepers, allowed the Mandanin a good view of their perennial foes. But no amount of smuggled rumour could substitute for trained professionals with eyes directly on specific locations.

In order to gain more specific information the mission was created. A small ship, unmarked and with a falsified IFF beacon, dropped in system at Guerzim well of the established routes. With its power functions set to minimum, the crew in cold-sleep and the IFF off it tumbled gently in a six month arc that it was hoped would mimic an asteroid. When close to Guerzim the dedicated medical robot revived the crew, a platoon of marines, a pair of spy plane pilots and the three person main crew.

The spy plane detached and swept low over Guerzim, photographing and gobbling up data transmissions. On its third sweep as it passed over the Northern hemisphere it was either detected and successfully engaged, or a fault occurred. The tiny plane suffered a catastrophic failure and crashed.

One of the pilots survived to advise the main ship. Immediately the marines were prepped and dropped to rescue him. By good fortune the spy plane came down on the polar land mass where population was slight and only token militias would be encountered. The pilot made for the nearest habitation and took shelter.

The nearest Nar militia platoon was roused and dispatched to capture the spy, or at least hold off the rescuers until a regular unit can arrive to take the situation in hand.

This is the background story for my Crucis Margin setting to the Lost & Found scenario in Tomorrow’s War.

The units statted for the USMC are taken by the Mandanin marines. The DPRG forces as described in the book are played by the Nar faction militia of the Crucis Union. All stats are exactly as they appear in the book. The only changes I’ve made is to mount the 15mm figures in their fire teams on group bases.