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Been rolling some random characters using Mongoose Traveller to see what stories develop. The action is all centred around Guerzim, a world run by the militaristic Nar faction of the Union Crucis, as described in the Judges Guild product Crucis Margin. The Nar launched attacks against their neighbours, the ManDanin Co-Dominion, around 100 years ago and got their arses kicked. The ManDanin are a strong confederation of humans and the semi-reptilian Danin species that have experimented with genetic engineering and have produced many different sub-species. So far, I have assigned a Soviet Union art style to the ManDanin, and a European-NATO style art to the Crucis Union.

Sexes of characters, along with all other characteristics, were generated randomly: honest.

Ufuk Burçin Barış (7ABB5A) is a ManDanin agent that has taken a local Guerzim name and settled in. He was recruited and sent into the foreign territory but failed in his assignment, was exposed and has ‘defected’ to the enemy. He was born on an ice-capped asteroid and joined the Security Intelligence Bureau (SIB) straight from school. He was a promising agent but was incautious, making enemies at home. He lives a comparatively comfortable life with $25k in the bank.

Ekber Mansur Balık (887976) is a taxi driver native to Guerzim who served a term in the Navy, fell in love, and then through negligence caused the death of some shipmates. An unremarkable student and scholar, Ekber sleepwalked through his childhood and his time in the navy. In was only the court-marshal that woke him up as he found himself disgraced and out on the street. He still talks big as if he used to be a significant captain of the line, and likes to pretend that his expulsion was due to some deep political skullduggery.

Ayberk Koray Demir (549A79) is a clumsy drifter in the wide open spaces of Guerzim’s sometimes harsh and  beautiful landscape. After the war a century ago, many facilities were destroyed and/or abandoned. Colonisation is comparatively new here, and there is a great big world to discover. Those rings around the sun are obviously the work of the Ancients, and rumours persist that Ancient sites can be found on the surface of Guerzim. Ayberk thought himself part of a crew that lived out of the civilised cities, exploring – yes and scavenging – and living a life a rugged intradependent independence. But he was betrayed and ejected from the crew. He now walks alone, an outcast, but with valuable knowledge, and death sentence on his head if he ever enters the territory of his former crew again.