IMG_1080The elvish boys spent a fair amount of time recovering from the battle in the mud with the ghouls and then continued to search the squelching, stinking passages. They were disappointed on several occasions to find no treasure of significance after battling minor creatures such as giant spiders and centipedes.

Their cautious, search systematically, approach allowed them to map fairly well and they noticed that on one path the tunnels appeared to be digging into more solid material and sloping down. They also neglected to search for secret doors a couple of missed some of the hoard. But they did manage to rescue a couple of captives, including the woman who had written the letters that drew them to the village in the first place.

They passed through a large chamber where a new type of undead creature leapt out, but was dealt with so quickly that it had no chance to employ any of its special features. On the other side of the door they found the main temple where the high priest and a Wight lay in wait. Despite some tense moments they passed though this test largely unharmed as well.

Through a secret door behind an ancient stone statue of a naga they found a very ancient chamber. Runes at either end of this area could not be identified, except to say they were Sampuran and predated anything currently known. In the middle if the chamber they saw a canopic jar. Rather than touch it with bare hands they drew it close using magic. They made the connection between the heart found in the Temple of the Dark Daeva, and suspected that perhaps this contained some more body parts of the deposed and exiled Raja.

Once the jar was removed from between the runes they heard a scream of rage. They fled, but were horrified when the naga herself smashing into the path, having gone the long way through the labyrinth to get there (couldn’t she pass through the zone of the protecting runes? Guess not).

The elvish boys leapt forward with usual gusto: Cassius leaping forward AND leaping back as usual. In response, the naga dropped a fireball in their midst and even though they saved against the effect, the captives were killed outright, Ghath was thrown into critical condition and Storm and Arrius were badly burnt.

Alas (for me) she only had one shot, though. Storm blasted her with a ray of frost and she was down.

The boys made their way back to the village and found all the survivors there to have recovered from the naga’s enchantment. It was late in the season and stormy. They considered their options of striking out through hobgoblin marauding territory or over wintering in the village.

There are some important considerations and campaign hooks here:

  • This was a Spirit Naga, with all that this implies. They have now made a recurring enemy
  • What are they to do with the canopic jar with its unknown contents
  • Was the naga protecting the jar, or trying to get the jar and could not because of the warding runes
  • This is twice now they have come in contact with multi-armed demonic creatures