Playing the solo campaign by D&D Solo Adventures

I found this site by accident: D&D Solo Adventures and felt compelled to give it a try.

This is essentially an electronic version of the venerable Choose Your Own Adventure stories, using D&D (in my case 5e rules). You need to keep track of elements on a scratch pad, and have characteristics as described by the standard rules, and roll dice for real and abide by the results.

The story starts with some nice flavour text, links to maps, and many possible adventure/quests to embark upon. You can of course cheat and click from place to place, hovering over every result and instantly succeeding. In doing so you are only cheating yourself, as there is no reward structure except your own willingness to abide by your own level of discipline.

In another words this would fail badly for many personality types, and be extremely rewarding for others.

There was a time this would have driven me batty. But now I find it perfectly restful, and immersive.

In fact I found it so compelling I cleared the game table and set it up to play out the combats using miniatures – I hardly ever do this in group D&D play. I used my halfling druid character Kekara, who is 4th level. This is technically too powerful for the early adventures, and too weak for the latter. But I have him just by himself, and so far he’s finding it pretty challenging.

My role in our gaming group is predominantly as the DM. As such I have few opportunities to play – as in: ‘make decisions’. Our group is fairly rules conscious, and as a result I generally make up the story and they run the rules. This means that there are many elements I’m a bit hazy on. This solo adventure is a good way to deepen my understanding of the rules since there is no one to ask except myself. So I have to look it up and not delegate.

Here is Kekara in the Crematorium confronted by a skeleton that has just crawled out of the furnace. The other was easily despatched by turning over his coffin.




  1. That’s the one. Very good. I didn’t worry too much about the edition of the game: the basics of d20 + factors works for me

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