Character wallet for D&D

As the DM for our group I don’t get the chance to play a character in depth. I certainly get to play lots of bit-players, but not through the process of growth and development – after all, I’m holding most of the cards.

And it was the thought of cards that prompted this idea. Having developed characters that I would actually play and then inserting them into the party as NPCs I wanted to find a simple way to show their characters without a full character sheet. Firstly it would be unfair on the players for me to have a full fledged character under my control in their midst, and also it was an unnecessary burden for them to have to manage all the details of another in whom they were not invested.

I have stacks of cards on my desk. Some taken from going systems such as Pathfinder, but plenty of others with different art and markings just for inspiration. Combine these with the spell cards, and I had a viable cut down character representation. Add to this a cut down character sheet that contain just the bare minimum of facts. Combine these into a natty leather card holder – spell book – and I have a complete portable character profile.

This example is for Kekara, a 4th level Druid from a desert region, of the Vanara race. Race details as the last page just for reference. Scarab is the Druidic focus. The equipment cards come from the Pathfinder Mummy’s Mask set. The card wallet was found on eBay for less then $2. It’s called a business card wallet, but handles poker sized cards OK. Two to a sleeve is more than it can handle though: as it is you do need to show a little care in turning the pages to avoid catching and bending the edges, particularly for those cards at the extreme ends.


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