The Chorvogel of Munsfeldia

Birdman first image
Early rendering of contact between Malschian and Chorvogel

The Chorvogel of Munsfeldia are a species of 2 to 3m tall avian descended stock that have a complex culture structure. They are gregarious, proud, aggressive, casually destructive and raucous communicators. They live in arboreal communities connected by ropes and walkways, and have strident and active democracies. Their parliaments are noisy affairs where any and all members of the community gather to screech and shout their opinions. Such debates can take hours or days, but when complete the group acts with one will. From an outsider’s point of view the compulsively noisy Chorvogel flock with astonishing coordination.

Though the birdmen are today staunch supporters of Malschia having provded elite regiments for decades, this has not always been so. Over 100 years ago the Chorvogel were on the receiving end of Malschian expansion. Conquest of the continent, expelling the last remnants of the Carrin Empire, had pushed the Chorvogel into a small corner of heavily forested and mountainous land.
As the final pushes where beginning the eternally curious Chorvogel discovered a cache of pre-collapse equipment that had miraculously survived the centuries. This included thousands of moth-balled sonic cannon, or Screamers, and enough So-so batteries to power them. Armed with these new weapons the Chorvogel fought the invaders to a halt. The resulting peace treaty turned the implacable enemies into dependable allies.
Etching of a Terrorbird. Thankfully these are thought to be extinct now

The Chorvogel like to think they are descended from the Terrorbirds or  Hawkoids, who were gengineered from eagles. It is a common saying amnogst them to reject anything considered beneath their dignity with, “We are descended from Eagles, not [insert name here].” For example, when asked why they will not get on a boat it is because they are, ‘descended from Eagles, not ducks,’ or when they might refuse to enter an undergrond passage it is because they are ‘descended from Eagles, not worms,’ and so on.

It is far more likely that were from the Carrin, a species that arose during the Shadow Years gengineered from vultures. The Carrin were a powerful force that formed an empire, but then were defeated and driven extinct. They were keen delvers in ancient tech, and it is thought that it was then that they accidentally modified themselves to this more crude form.
The Chorvogel do not have the psychic traits typical of the ancestral Carrin such as telepathy, mind control or a terror inducing field (though the sight of them is pretty frightening). But they do have a limited form of levitation that allows them to take long floating leaps. They call this flying but are otherwise unable to fly in the normal mechanical fashion. They also have the ability to shoot spines, modified vestigial feathers, over short distances. These can be easily protected against by shields or even thick clothing, but are dangerous to exposed flesh typically through risk of infection.
Chorvogel on the attack. Note the modified screamer with blades, now dubbed a Thunderclaw

Their language is complex, screeching and grating, and almost always projected at high volume. A group of Chorvogel, and this is the usual state as they hate solitude, are easy to locate by the racket they cause through their shouting and laughing together. They alone can operate their sonic cannon without ear protection because of this adaptation to loud noise.

Their casual destructiveness causes problems for their human allies. Chorvogel visiting a human town, while enjoying the food and drink and sights, will absent-mindedly reduce tavern furniture to matchsticks with their beaks, claws and seemingly endless supply of daggers. They do this with no sense of malice, or even forethought. It’s just what they do when they are relaxing. Back home in Munsfeldia the carvings of their nest houses are exquisite and intricate: every Chorvogel is an artist, and a vandal.

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