Tales of the Arabian Nights solo: 1

This project has been brewing for years. The goal is to use the Tales of the Arabian Nights (TotAN) boardgames from Z-Man to create a story in solo play. This will include breaking out some action to smaller battle boards. For this I will use the example given in the Mad Monks of Kwantoom by Kabuki Kaiser. Actual random dungeon generation is yet to be decided, but the example on Mad Monks will probably be good enough. The system for this lower level of detail seems likely to be the very solid D&D retro-clone Labyrinth Lord. For the miniatures on the table I’ll be going with flats, and the Pathfinder set for the Mummies Mask suits admirably.

Enough tedious intro filled with ‘I’ statements.

IMG_1701The lead character, defined in Labyrinth Lord using Al-Qadim guidance, is a wizard (Sha’ir) called Kamal. He is modelled on Prince Koura from the Golden Voyage of Sinbad. As such he’s probably not a ‘good’ character. He is driven to fulfil his ‘destiny’. He has a target score of 15 in the Destiny track in the game, and only 5 in the Story track. His starting TotAN skills are Magic, Beguiling and Weapon Use. He is the guy that moves around the board. With him, but unimportant until the action breaks to tactical level, are Essafah a warrior (Faris), Wadi’a an elemental wizard of flame, Djuha a merchant rogue, and Kekara a Kahin cleric (aka Druid). All have their own Labyrinth Lord stats, ready for when they are needed to actually enter the cave or tomb to steal the stuff to help Kamal achieve his destiny.

The Quest card describes how Kamal is the son a prominent Thief, and how his father tells him of two fabulous gems at the ends of the earth. These, then, represent the first two items that the young wizard needs to create his spell to make him Sultan (or something like that). Rolling randomly I find one gem is in Cordoba and the other in Pan Pan.

It is dawn, and as Kamal is preparing to leave Bagdad on this adventures he meets a Happy Ne’er-do-well (Farid). Kamal attempts to hire this possibly useful rogue, and they have a long and lively conversation. Farid has other pressing business and refuses to join a quest that takes him away from the city, but during the course of the pleasant conversation many stories were swapped. Kamal has learnt much, gaining a Destiny point and the new skill Storytelling.


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