Tales of the Arabian Nights solo: 11

gispwebThis episode proved to be challenging as a story telling exercise because I approached it with some preconceived ideas. Therefore the randomness of my method threw up a real curly problem.

It had been a while since I played out an encounter on the table using Labyrinth Lord and I had already decided to get out some figures and play out a battle, letting the blood fall where it made. Last time, Kamal had lost his companions, but I’d decided he was heading back that way because he really wanted to go to Timbuktu. Maybe he’d meet them again, maybe not. Any battle would be an interesting challenge because he was alone, but he could transform into a were-hyena. Wouldn’t that be cinematic? I said to myself.

At a location just outside Bilma, where the encounter factor was +4, I figured there’d be a good chance of excitement. The Encounter card I drew said Hag, and the resulting roll said ‘Wicked’.

Well, a wicked hag? What else could you do but attack? So I did.

The Book of Tales came back with the result that a gang of henchmen came to the Hag’s aid and beat the shit out of Kamal. He gains Wounded, and a D+1 and an S+1. This is a good result, internally, but where does that leave my miniatures battle? Where does that leave the connecting story?

I started with the Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox to try to flesh out the scene. And I discovered that in this village there was an excellent quality room for let at a house called the Hammer & Bullock. The owner was a male halfling who was cordial, who had four rumours. Two of these related to a location nearby. Then I swapped to the Tome of Adventure Design to tell me about these locations.

This is what I found: The Blue Vertical Mill of the Diseased Spiders.

So this is the story:

Out in the sticks near Bilma, there lived a hag whose stock in trade was producing silk. No one knows how she produced this magnificent material, but there were rumours of foul pacts. People too nosey for their own good came to a bad end and/or were never heard of again.

Being a busy-body, Kamal snooped around until he found her lair. It was within a canyon where a sheer rock face of thousands of waterfalls  made gentle trickles over the aged rock. And inbetween these falls gigantic webs had been strung. And within the webs were spiders. Giant spiders that produced silk that could be harvested to make garments.

… Having worked all this out and seen it in my mind I did not have the urge to go through with the battle. So let’s say that Kamal barged in and made an arse of himself, and the hag’s five sons decided to tune him up a little for being such a nosey prick.

Kamal now has 8 Destiny and 11 Story; he is Wounded, Blessed, and can Assume Beast Form.

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