Tales of the Arabian Nights solo: 12

FPLM Elephant chase

When you are following randomised path through many potential seeds and then making that up into a story sometimes things come up that sit uncomfortably with your real world values. This is a part of the challenge, I guess, to make a story out of something unusual and perhaps even confronting. This happened in episode 12 of the Arabian Nights solo story game.

Kamal made his way back to Timbuktu after his misadventures with the Roc and the spider-tending hag. He hoped to meet back up with this companions. There was a pretty good chance they would have headed there and waited because that was the plan.

[Checking my Enquiry Table with odds of ‘Likely’ I got a result of ‘Yes, but’]

Essafah Wadi’a, Djuha and Phokas had been befriended by a local celebrity and were at a party with him when Kamal finally traced them. After the rigours of the journey the luxury and peacefulness were a welcome relief. Their host [I discovered from two separate random decks] lived extravagantly and spread his wealth around. This name was Muwaffaq Zrika and Kamal and friends felt they had made a very powerful contact.

Later in the night, as the party moved into second gear, Muwaffaq took Kamal aside and told him earnestly to avoid talking to one of his servants. He was an old man who works in the garden. “You may have seen him bring wood for the braziers?” Kamal admitted he had and at the time had been taken with the old man’s bearing. “He’s quite mad, I tell you. I warn you: do not engage him in conversation if you value your sanity.”


Kamal was naturally intrigued. Why would Muwaffaq keep the man around if he were dangerous? It must be that he knows a secret. His curiosity aroused, Kamal sought out the old man in the far corner of the garden.

[The Encounter card was a Foolish Slave]

As the man rocked and gibbered away, Kamal recognised just enough of the language through his training in the magical arts to recognise descriptions and directions to the Invisible City. This was an impossible place, a shorthand for the highest levels of profane sorcery. Kamal was struck with madness, and fled into the night. He spent the night alone under the stars caught in a storm of conflicting emotions.

The next day their host invited them to go on an elephant hunt. Still trying to make sense of his changed perceptions, when a gigantic bull elephant bore down on them, instead of reaching for his bow, or fleeing, Kamal fell to his knees and prayed. The elephant, confused or perhaps understanding in a deeper way, turned aside and did not trample Kamal.

Muwaffaq and his entourage were all amazed and hailed him as a great spiritual leader. The madness left him at that time – or perhaps it merely crystallised him to a new reality. When he rose and stared at everyone they saw he had a new light and determination in his eyes. He knew with certainty that his destiny would be fulfilled.

[D+1, S+1, Appearance, Respected. Also, Muwaffaq Zrika needs to be recorded as a significant NPC. I figure he’s some powerful kind of of sorcerer that may be a future ally or enemy]

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