Tales of the Arabian Nights solo: 13

169f0589e7c08a9748b5ee400a2de039Kamal was jubilant. He had found his companions, defeated his foes and was at the peak of his strength. The only direction to go was east to the coast. But for a reason he could not understand he led the party on a detour south to the jungles.

There he found the citadel of a powerful wizard, one that he could immediately detect was opposed to everything that Kamal stood for.

Chancing his hand, Kamal attacked, but the enemy wizard was more powerful and the battle was a statement of continual feints and circular events. Many times Kamal thought he had struck a fatal blow only to have the wizard appear behind him fully recovered. And many was the time that, sorely pressed, he tried to retreat through the wizard’s lair only to be headed off and confronted again. It was as if Kamal was trapped in a demented hall of mirrors.

Recognising that he could neither escape nor defeat the wizard, Kamal realised that a greater force must be at play. He threw down his sword and stood his ground, explaining to his enemy that they are clearly trapped together this way forever.

“We’re stuck here, you and I. So let’s make the best of it.”

The wizard was struck by the wisdom of his words and all thoughts of trying to destroy him evaporated, and along with the thoughts the nightmare trap as well.

“My name is Celukwazi,” she said, “and I will follow you on your quest to the ends of the earth.”

And so Kamal’s party had a new member. Celukwazi joins Essafah the warrior, Wadi’a the flame wizard, Djuha the rogue and Phokas the cleric on the quest to collect the sacred stones.

[D+2, S+1, Weapon use, Wisdom, Fated]


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