Tales of the Arabian Nights solo: 14

21097374-352-k443478Kamal, Essafah, Wadi’a, Djuha, Phokas and Celukwazi headed through darkest Africa towards the Sea of Safety. Passing through Bilma again, Kamal briefly considered settling the score with the spider-keeping hag that he had met last time through.

Relishing the relative safety in comparisons to their difficult times, Kamal accepted an invitation to attend a masked ball by a secret admirer. A package had arrived for him prior: an ivory mask trimmed in silver. Anticipating a beautiful encounter, Kamal dismissed his companions to their own devices and attended the ball.

As the nigh wore on and intoxication set in, Kamal was presented a message by a servant. The message invited him to a secret chamber to meet his secret paramour that had head so much about the great sorcerer.

Tragically, Kamal’s secret admirer was ‘staggeringly ugly’ and he fled in horror and disappointment.

[D+1, Grief stricken]




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