Tales of the Arabian Nights solo: 20

Chinese_junk_1804Kamal and party headed at last into the Pacific from Su-Chou. The junk was large and sea worthy but still not large enough to carry the horses as well. They had to sell them reluctantly before they faced the open seas.

After a few days they sighted a hump floating on the waves. Kamal ordered a dingy to be lowered and he had himself rowed closer.

As they drew neaer it became obvious that the hummock was the back of a gigantic sea creature. It was a dandan. The crew became frightened and agitated and in their haste to get away they made a lot of noise and nearly overturned the boat.


Kamal rememebered a story about the Dandan and so he told the men: ‘the dandan is a fearsome beast that can swallow a ship while in one bite. But it is also a mystical beast and can be killed by a human’s voice.’

The superstitious sailors were somewhat calmed and so Kamal had nearly an hour to row around the beast and study it. Then they made it back to the ship without mishap.

For this feat of memory and storycraft, Kamal gained Wilderness Lore and more Destiny and Story points. The party is now within one move of reaching the ‘other side of the world’ at PanPan where the second of the gems that Kamal needs to fulfil his destiny can be found.

As a side note, while looking for info on this beast to make the story I found this blog entry that gives some background.


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