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The Great Heist


White Snake House


The Warden

Don Quixote

Lilly and Jamaica


The TIme capsules of Skoz Bottlesorter

World Trees The land of World Trees notes

Has anyone ever seen the first borns? First borns write their pronouncements on tiny scrolls and put them in bottles, which they throw out the windows of their tower into the moat below. Do the first born still ive in the tower? Are they in touch with the people they govern? Do they even exist at all given that no one has seen them?

The sand of the Great Desert became grey. Then greyer. Then slowly it became a grey that was no colour at all. It was more than simply bleached, more than simply washed-out as if seen under moonlight. It had the increasingly perfect tones of something that was almost transparent but still kept its form. Dunes stretched away obscuring the path ahead. A hand full of sand cascaded through his fingers.

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