Descent into madness

Things that we know so far:
The setting is far future.
FTL travel is common-place enough for economical mass transportation of conscious biological humans. This allows for the practical application of space tourism.
Travel times between star systems is measured in weeks. The trip taken so far lasted ten weeks, but we don’t know yet whether this was typical or atypical.
Artificial gravity technology exists.
Movement of mass in space conformed to the model of gradual acceleration to a jump point, jump, then gradual deceleration to destination.
Family bonds – husband/wife, child/parent – still exist.
Artificial life – androids – exist.
The culture appears to be aware of, or appreciative of, art and/or nostalgia towards historical art and architecture. This is a weaker observation and is based on the experience found while exploring a contemporary ‘book’, but one imagines that the ‘illustrations’ in the book are representative of cultural values. But it might not. This is yet to be proven.
Accedemia exists in that my character is a reader of literature. This implies that the society has some apprciation of the purely esoteric and has the economic capacity to allow at least some citizens to perform such unproductive activity.
Human intervention in production exists in that Simon’s character was a Naval Architect. This means that, regardless of the advance of artificial intelligence, mankind has not been reduced to passivity. Perhaps this activity is purely artistic?
Technology allows truly immersive ‘virtual reality’ environments to be seemlessly and safely created and easily available to all citizens. This technology is described as being a ‘book’ with that this implies for commonality and availability.
People still eat ordinary food, and go to restaurants, and enjoy stage shows.
The name of the cruise ship was Descent Into Madness, and this implies a Banks level of technology, societal sophistication, and invisibility of the uderlying production economy. Does it? Well yes, if one takes it as an indication of precocious artificial intelligences with all that that implies. It’s a model, anyway, along with the other model that suggests itself to me: Dune.

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