Planet Cadiz

Cadiz detail: Ruled by the Decados, the great cities of Cadiz are legendary. Second Republic diplomats chose this world as their base for negotiations with the Vau (Eldar), and the cosmopolitan fervour which gripped the planet caused the rise of many towering metropoli. But the Vau (Eldar) refused to come to Cadiz, and instead demanded that the diplomats come to them at Vril-Ya. The cities are now teeming with the poor and restless, who crowd into apartments once reserved for the rich. Cadiz also holds the only reservation reserved for the Hironem aliens.

Cadiz is an enigma – massively built up with metropoli for the Known Worlds elite, it is now an enormous tenement. The Second Republic had chosen this planet for diplomatic negotiations with the Vau (Eldar), and, along with the Decados, poured money and labour into building and beautifying the cities that covered this planet. When the Vau (Eldar) chose another site, the Decados were disgusted, and abruptly ceased their construction efforts, leaving many partially-finished structures in place— structures which now house the poor and starving occupants of the planet. The cities of Cadiz are now known as harbours for activity illegal among Decados planets, for the house seems to have abandoned the world. Decados dragoons do sporadically sweep the planet in security searches. Cadiz is also home to the Hironem, the reptilian natives of the now-conquered world. The Hironem live on a reservation at the centre of which is Turaz, their capital city. Scholars from across the Known Worlds come to Turaz (for a hefty fee, of course) to study Hironem culture and ways, which bears a few distinct similarities to Vau (Eldar) culture. Persus: Due to its toxic atmosphere, Cadiz’ sole moon is uninhabitable, except for a controlled – atmosphere military base. The base acts as a giant dockyard for old Decados ships, either for repairs or scavenging. Ruins of an unidentified culture exist on the dark side of Persus, with entrances to sublunar caverns. But this entire region is cordoned off by the Decados, with entry forbidden to all except by Prince Hyram’s personal request.

The 5th planet in the Cadiz system is a gas giant known as Golyth, it’s just an ordinary gas giant, except for the fact that between it and the system’s 6th planet, an iceball named Teruman, lies an area of space which has come to be known as “The Lost Region.” There have always been reports of strange radio transmissions and missing ships in that area, as the two planets orbit in perfect synchronicity. Recently the Decados reported finding a 200 year-old luxury liner which was reported missing, and just as the Imperial Eye was about to look into rumours of odd glyphs engraved on the outer hull, the ship was reported missing again (this time, most likely hidden by the Decados). Some have speculated that it is all a trick manufactured by the Decados, using fleets of stealth-ships in an effort to hide something greater, and if it is so, then it has worked, as nobody knows what is really going on.

Visions of ruined grandeur, squatters, Cyberpunk meets Atlantis