A new year – 2023

My major writing work has been over at the K68 site and will continue to be so, but this does not mean I've been doing no actual gaining. I'm taking part in an occasional online game when we all get the time. This is theoretically a campaign in the Swords of the Serpentine setting. At... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction Random Deck

Over the years I've bought too-many decks of cards. Not all of them get used. One of these was the Pathfinder Tech Deck. My original idea was to make a point to point sci fi board game with these as discoveries and treasures. Effectively it was a version of Talisman. But that never got beyond... Continue Reading →

Kosmos 68

Attention, dear friends. Announcing the launch of a new venture called Kosmos 68. This is a setting for Traveller, based on the initial work developed by Zozer Games, and elaborated by yours truly with Paul Elliot's kind permission. The creation is a retro-style Soviet inspired setting. If Traveller is your thing, please visit.

Ynn and the Labyrinth

So much seems to come out of left-field now and I wonder if it's because I'm simply old and (even more) out of touch, or if it has become astonishingly easy for creative work to make it to market. One of these is the Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Adventure Game. Now the movie has achieved... Continue Reading →

Stn*Fi #5 – Trapped

Perry, Zale, Cato, and Jardani swam down to the wreck in leisurely strokes. Since they were certain it was a machine of some kind, perhaps a rival corporate submarine, they wanted to appear as natural as possible and so not be recognised as a threat. Once close it was obvious that this was no submarine... Continue Reading →

Stn*Fi #4 – What can it mean?

After retreating a safe distance from the detonation and refraining from further targeted scans, the swimming drone was released. A half hour later it reached the target area and started to scan. Three hours later the first images started to return. At first the crew did not understand what they were looking at but slowly... Continue Reading →

Stn*Fi #3 – Rude greeting

As the Diastolic Crisis approached the search area, Lester scanned the incoming information. A commandeered satellite had made a pass over the area 16 hours ago and had, at great expense, used penetrating scans to see to the sea bed. Significant wreckage was found and the best learning algorithms available concluded that the aggregate mass... Continue Reading →

Stn*Fi #2 – Meet the crew

The TRV Diastolic Crisis is a research vessel owned and operated by Techdent on this planet. As a hydrofoil manufactured to TL11 standards it is comfortable and fast, with the necessary scanning and investigation equipment to fulfil the missions of sampling ocean water and floor to determine if there is any commercial value to be... Continue Reading →

Stn*Fi #1

The planet Stn*Fi sits five parsecs south of Guerzim at 1632 of the Crucis Margin sector. It is a low population water world with a technology level of B (according to the Judges Guild source that I use), though it has a starport class of only C (unrefined fuel, no high port). It is on... Continue Reading →

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