Project FluKe

Facts known:

* Village agrarian economy is known and practiced.
* Communities of Pure Strain Humans (PSH) exist, we assume. We did not explore the genetic heritage of the village where the first adventure (Project FluKe) started so there may have been any proportion of mutations present.
*  Conventional social hierarchies persist.
* A large and fertile sea exists. Fishing is viable.
* Agriculture in some recognisable form is viable.
* Livestock was not mentioned in any way in the first adventure, either as food or draft.
* Wild animals were not mentioned in the first adventure either.
* Equipment of all sorts is at first-world level.
* A community may hold in trust some higher-tech artefacts.
* People are not ignorant of the existence of higher-technologies. The analogy I like is that people in Swaziland know that there are Mercedes cars and rockets, they just don’t have them or understand them or have the capacity to manufacture them.
* There are large regions called ‘cursed lands’, but in what sense is unknown.
* The current spoken and written language differs from at least one identified ‘ancient’ language. Although it is possible that it is a language from a different culture/planet with no similar roots. Compare, for example, a German reader finding Chinese text to this situation: one does not precede the other, they just have no elements of similarity.
* Robots exist and are old-fashioned in design and function.
* A high tech gun makes you a big man in the community.
* Complex ideas such as time distortion are understood.
* Religions are powerful social forces.

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